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Legal Marketing Results, a division of Lasso Advertising, was established by Greg Wolske.  After graduating with a business degree in marketing and advertising in 1981, Greg was there to help, as his father’s law firm waded into the relatively uncharted waters of legal television advertising.  After a few years, Greg founded Lasso Productions, a video/film production company and advertising agency.  His creative and effective television commercials, along with innovative media strategies, are the reason his father’s firm, Wolske & Blue, became a Central Ohio household name.  While the firm is now known as Wolske & Associates, name recognition remains as strong as ever and Greg’s father, attorney Cy Wolske, is recognized by locals every where he ventures.

 Greg also developed successful advertising campaigns for many other law firms.  His diverse interests and talents have led to other areas of production, including documentaries films, music videos, digital audio recordings, and corporate presentations.  Plus, he’s created advertising and media strategies for many other clients outside of the legal field.

Legal Marketing Results was created specifically for the advertising needs of personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers.  With twenty-five years of experience, we offer proven and highly successful marketing solutions that will get you results.  Most advertising attorneys aren't getting the best bang for their advertising dollars.  Our strategies will help you cut through the clutter, improve your image and market presence, and most importantly, increase your business.